ReeSaa is a private enterprise venture. With its flagship initiative, IndiaVivid (, ReeSaa lets people discover & spread India’s uniqueness & experiences. IndiaVivid community shares one simple, unifying mission: to spread India’s uniqueness with the world.

ReeSaa is an Australian Pvt. Ltd. Company (ACN: 610 349 963).



IndiaVivid is a platform to Discover, Share and Celebrate INDIA. We showcase the best of Indian States, Places, Art Forms, Dances and the like focusing on unique and distinct aspects of Indian culture which makes this country beautiful and one of a kind.

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ReeSaa is involved in online publishing. We believe in helping talent and providing them an avenue to showcase themselves through nurturing. ReeSaa has published two books on Pattern and Mould Making.

Learn Critical Aspects of Pattern & Mould Making in Foundry Vol. 1 (Volume 1) 

Learn Critical Aspects of Pattern & Mould Making in Foundry Vol. 1 (Volume 1) by Sheojee Prasad et al.
by Sheojee Prasad et al.
Pattern & Mould Making in Foundry – Vol.2 (Practical Exercises) 
Pattern & Mould Making in Foundry - Vol.2 (Practical Exercises) by Sheojee Prasad
by Sheojee Prasad
Investing Insights

Investing Insights

In-depth analysis and perspectives from the world of investing. Investing insights provides perspective of the author keeping in mind the long term view.

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Journeys are a way of life, a way to free the spirit and enjoy the beauty of nature. India provides such opportunities aplenty. SafarNama brings these journeys to you. With focus on trips & travels in a day, SafarNama brings a fresh perspective to travel. With the tagline, “Beauty in a Day”, SafarNama focuses on travails and trips that can be covered in a day.

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IndiaVivid Books

IndiaVivid Books

IndiaVivid Books brings in the best of books connecting India to people across every age. IndiaVivid Books are a great place for learning, knowing and understanding of a culture strange and varied as found in India.

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